Nota Michela

Michela Nota

Landscape Architect


Co-founder of COurban design collective – Urban design studio that provides tailored consultancy and tools to promote co-creation and democratic urban design. Since 2016 she is faculty of Urban Design at DIS Copenhagen (Study Abroad in Scandinavia). Understanding how urban spaces work and how they are physically, socially and emotionally experienced by people using them is the basis of her being Landscape Architect. She has extensive experience with the main processes of citizen involvement and co-creation for both private and public actors. In the floriculture sector she participated to the following Garden Design competitions: “Festival dei giardini della Franciacorta” with the project “USA e PROgetta” (Cazzago San Martino, Brescia, Italy, 2014 edition); “Giardini e Giardini” (Padua, Italy, 2013-2014 editions).