Ruffoni Barbara

Barbara Ruffoni

Research executive


Plant Biologist, Responsible of the Sanremo Research Centre for Horticulture and Floriculture of CREA supervised by the Ministry of Agriculture. Director (2013-2017) of the Experimental Station for Floriculture funded by the famous agronomist Mario Calvino. 30-year experience in Floriculture research as genetic improvement and propagation; involved in tissue culture and micropropagation with traditional and innovative systems in several aromatic and ornamental crops. Coordinator or participant of several International European, National or Regional research projects mainly in ornamental plants and MAPs; participant to educational projects ERASMUS HERBARTIS on MAPs and ALCOTRA MONVER on floriculture and gardening. Currently involved in projects ANTEA and BIOFIORI on edible flowers. She is currently the CREA representative at the MIPAAF supply chain tables in Floriculture and in Aromatic and Medicinal Plants supply chain. Participates in the Mipaaf “VerdeCittà” project for the enhancement of green urban spaces.