Cecchetti Francesco

Francesco Cecchetti

Landscape Architect and podcast host


I’m a Landscape Architect with a background in gardening, which I have been learning from my father since I was a child; during the last years of high school I worked in his family’s nursery; after my graduation I did an internship in a French nursery and volunteered in two UK gardens.
During my classical studies in high school, I liked the idea of being a Landscape Architect because it allowed me to be a poet even without writing, and deepening my interests in ecology, social sciences, technology…
In 2019 I have created “Giardino Rivelato”, a podcast to spread awareness on the art of gardens and on the landscape to disseminate an idea I believe in: when we operate on the landscape, at all scales, it’s about the health of a people and its territory
Which is precisely why it’s necessary to talk about it.