Gaggero Fiorella

Fiorella Gaggero

Biologist/Floral Decoration Teacher


I.I.D.F.A. International Teacher, Demonstrator, Judge.
Teacher in Genoa for Floral Decoration School E.D.F.A.
Winner in National ed International Floral Decoration Shows (Italy, Monaco, France, Belgium).
Judge in Floral Decoration Shows.
Collaboration with Daniel Ost (Belgium, Italy) and with Manako Flowers Academy (Tokyo, Paris).
Author of Italian Honorary Composition for WAFA (World Association Floral Artists) India, Jaipur – February 2020
Works published in: “Nuovo Stile – L’armonia della sintesi nella decorazione floreale” IIDFA Italy, “Fleur Créatif” and “Harmonies Florales” Academie Florales Europeenne, France.
Board Member of Ars Florum (European Association of Floral Art Teachers) in Italy 2013-2015.