Garbarini Giulia

Giulia Garbarini

Ph.D. Architect


Architect since 2013, she has graduated with a thesis inside the research “Recycle Italy” of the University of Genoa. She obtained the PhD in Landscape at the University of Trento in 2018.
From 2014 to 2018 she collaborated with the research group “R.E.D.S. Cloud” and from 2016 to date she has carried on experiences of associationism and research in the field of “Landscape Urbanism” and Urban Regeneration. In addition she has further specialized in in the second level master “U-Rise – Urban Regeneration and Social Innovation” and she was taking part in the research “Sun City: Social Urban Neighborhoods in the City” with the University of Matera and IUAV of Venice.
She collaborates now in the city of Genoa with the Municipality of Genoa on the theme of urban regeneration and landscape and with she found also the informal group “AGO architects” with which she develops bottom up projects.