Giubilei Maria Flora

Maria Flora Giubilei

Art historian, past Director of Nervi Museums till 2019; scientific board member of the Fondazione-Centro Studi sull’arte Ragghianti (Lucca)


Author of essays on the history of Italian arts and collecting in the XIX -XX centuries, she participated in publications, conferences, seminars, cultural and art events, signing exhibitions in Nervi Museums and in other Italian museums. She studied the reproduction of the landscape from life and the use of floral and botanical repertoires in Art Nouveau and Art Déco. She worked in European projects for tourist and cultural enhancement of landscape and territory. She curated the exhibition meetings “NaturaConTemporanea”(2013-2019), promoting a constant dialogue among the historical collections on display, Mediterranean landscape and site specific contemporary installations. She had also the privilege of working on the book for children Alberi [Trees] with Libereso Guglielmi, the well known gardener of the famous writer Italo Calvino family, and with the writer and “gardener” Pia Pera.