Maroè Andrea

Andrea Maroè

Agronomist specialized in arboriculture


Among the first in Italy to use tree-climbing and to propose instrumental analysis on trees, he worked for many Public and Private Administrations. He has always been involved in dissemination and has participated as a speaker at many conferences and many television programs. Among the various institutional positions he has held the role of: Head of Trees managment for Municipality of Genoa, Public Green Director for the Municipalities of Udine and Gorizia and President of the International Society of Arboriculture – Italy. Currently he is technical officer for the management of the Monumental Trees Region Friuli Venezia Giulia and President of Giant Trees Foundation Onlus. In his explorations he discovered, climbed and measured: the tallest tree in Italy, the tallest trees in South America, the tallest Kauri in New Zealand and the largest silver fir in the world.