Mariotti Mauro

Mauro Mariotti

University professor

Biologist, former researcher and university professor in Siena and Milan, since 2005 is full professor of environmental and applied botany at the University of Genoa. He has carried out research on flora and vegetation and on the management and enhancement of plant resources, as well as on the systematics of some genera of Italian flora. He coordinated study courses in Natural Sciences and PhD courses in Botany applied to agriculture and the environment. Head of the Botanical Garden of Genoa, director of the Hanbury Botanical Gardens, Director of the Department of Earth, Environment and Life Sciences of UNIGE. Head of the Germplasm Bank / Laboratory for the conservation of Ligurian plant diversity. He was president of the Italian network of germplasm banks for ex situ conservation of Italian spontaneous flora. He is the author of over 480 scientific papers.