Parodi Nicolò

Nicolò Parodi

Landscape Architect


After graduation (Bachelor and Master degree in Landscape Architecture), Nicolò became a Chartered Landscape Architect in Italy in 2015. He moved to London in 2016 where he has worked initially for the studio Design International, working mainly on big commercial and hospitality schemes in China, UAE and India. Between 2017 and 2019 Nicolò became part of the team of Randle Siddeley Limited , where he was involved in the design process of high-end residential gardens in London. From 2019 until beginning of 2021 he joined Stefano Marinaz Landscape Architecture working on a great number of high end residential projects, from concept to construction phase. Currently he is working for HTA Design where his role stretches from developing landscape schemes with the team throughout all stages and coordinating with all relevant consultants and supplier involved in the project. Nicolo’s expertise consists in developing, alongside with the team, high standard design for public and mixed-use landscape projects of various scale that prioritise sustainability and community’s inclusion, mainly in London and across the UK.