Ferretti Renato

Renato Ferretti

Agronomist Doctor


Renato Ferretti 62 years old, born and resident in Massa e Cozzile (Pistoia).
Former director of the Province of Pistoia.
CONAF National Councillor and responsible for the Landscape, Planning and Spatial and Green Planning Department.
Editorial Director of Linea Verde. Managing Director of AF.
Expert in horticulture, green design, spatial planning.
Creator and curator of Vestire il Paesaggio from 2005 to 2019.
Technical Coordinator of the Rural Ornamental Nursery District of Pistoia. from 2004 to 2015.
Member of international juries (Euroflora, Floralie of Nantes and Ghent, Flormart, Salon du Vegetal, Plantarium and Myplant.
Author of some books including “The Manual of Nurseryman”, “Container Cultivation” and “The Arboretums”.