Menchini Vito

Vito Menchini



Member of the Italian society of Camellia And International Camellia Society. In 1975, and over time it led to the creation of 15000 square meters garden. Ti this day my garden Numbers more than 650 Plants of cultivar of Camellia Japonica, such as the old Camellia from Lucca area, the Tuscanian excellence, to the cultivar from lake Maggiore and cultivar from France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium and China. In my garden we also Number: 50 Camellia ( reticolate and Hybrids ), 42 Camellia Higo and 20 more species of Camellia. In the garden there are present about a hundrend Magnolias. In 2016 I partecipated to International Congress Camellia in Dali in China. In 2018 I visited the Camellia exhibition in Naron and in 2019 I went back to Portugal for International Camellia exhibition in Porto.I partecipated for several years as an exhibitor in the “Antiche camelie della Lucchesia”exhibition.