Grignani Pierpaolo

Pierpaolo Grignani

Doctor of Forestry , Technical Manager of green areas of municipality of Genoa


Pierpaolo Grignani, Doctor of Forestry, registered to the “Ordine dei Dottori Agronomi e Forestali”. Between1992 and 1998 I was teacher of Valuation and Rural Technology and I carried out a number of professional activities. I act as Head of “Confagricoltura – UPA” in Genoa, as President of TEA cooperative for the design, maintenance and implementation of public and private green works, and, since 1998, as Technical officer of the Municipality of Genoa, with positions as a technical referent, landscape architect, Process Manager, Director of Operations and Director of Works in numerous projects. In addition to this, since 2015,I act as Head of the Parks and Public Green Office of the Municipality of Genoa.In progress are: P.M. for restoration and enhancement works at Parchi di Nervi, P.M for the forest settlement plan of the municipality of Genoa. P.M. for work on valleys’ dev.