Mansuino Andrea

Andrea Mansuino



Fourth generation of a historical family of growers/breeders in San Remo.
Biologist, four foreign languages spoken and written, thirty years of experience in hybridization of ornamental species, management of new plant varieties, sales, licensing and international marketing in the flower business.
For six years Regional President and then for three years Member of the National Council of Confagricoltura.
For six years President of CIOPORA, the world association of flower and plant breeders, currently Past-President and Board Member.
Accredited Speaker of the EU/CPVO on Plant Breeders’ Rights.
Author of numerous scientific publications.
Consultant of numerous companies of genetic improvement in ornamentals.
Shareholder of Nirp International, a multinational company specialized in the breeding of roses.
Owner of a hydrangea breeding company.