Maroè Pietro

Pietro Maroè

Arborist and Tree Technician


My father was one of the first arborist and treclimbers in Italy, and since I was a child he took me , teaching me safe climbing and correct pruning techniques. I’m a professional arborist since 2011. I attended a scientific highschool and then I got a second diploma as agrotechnician. Since 2017 I’m the scientific director and business owner of Superalberi Srl.
I write about trees for Rizzoli: I published “La timidezza delle chiome” in 2017 and “L’azzurro infinito degli alberi” in 2018 (both available in italian). From May 2019 I’m the first italian veteran tree specialist (VetCert, Veteran Tree Management Standards – practising level).
Right now Superalberi is working with the European Space agency to create the MAFIS platform, a project dedicated to satellite monitoring of urban forests.