Peccenini Simonetta

Simonetta Peccenini

Researcher, Retired


born in Genoa on 19.9.1952,
– Degree in Natural Sciences, University of Genoa, on 29.3.1976
– confirmed researcher of SYSTEMATIC BOTANY at DISTAV (University of Genoa)
– since 1976 teaching activity in the courses of: Botany, Plant Ecology, Phytognosis of spontaneous plants and naturalistic nursery, Phytosociology, Conservation of nature and its resources, Environmental Botany, Systematic Botany
– member since 1973 of S B I, OPTIMA and Soc. Bot. Genève
– representative of the University of Genoa, on the Board of Directors of the Cinque Terre Regional Park, the Regional Park of the Promontories and the Levante Islands and the Cinque Terre National Park (1999)
– research in Floristics and floristic cartography, Systematics, Protection of plant resources, Naturalistic Museology and history of botany, Syntaxonomy, synecology, and vegetation cartography
– 224 publications