Pralormo Consolata

Consolata Pralormo

Art director of the activities of the Castle of Pralormo


Consolata Pralormo, married to Filippo Beraudo di Pralormo and has two sons, graduated in Art History with a degree thesis on English park history. She undertook many initiatives always motivated to safeguard and keep traditions. Since year 2000 she is passionately devoted to enhance the value of the family Castle and at every spring she organizes Messer Tulipano, a great success botanical event with 100.000 tulips in blossom heralding springtime and attracting tens of thousands visitors with great positive touristic impact on Pralormo’s territory. In the course of years she was awarded prizes and rewards for her keen engagement to enhance the value of the Castle and the Park of Pralormo putting together the pride of past as being member of one of the most ancient Piedmontese families along with a strong push towards future.