Gatti Laura

Laura Gatti

Agronomist, landscape consultant


Agronomist, Landscape Consultant and Landscape Designer. The firm was founded in 1992; specialised in horticultural advisory, tree care, tree management plans, and soil consultancy, with unique skills and experiences in restoring historical sites and greening buildings (green roofs, green walls, hanging gardens). Winner of many competitions together with different international architecture and engineering firms. Founder and first president of the Italian Society of Arboriculture. Adjunct professor in the Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, University of Milan since 2005. She was awarded the Targa Fabio Rizzi as Professional of the Year in 2008. Cited as ‘Great Tree of the Italian Landscape’ in 2017 and granted as ‘One of the 50 most impactful green leaders – Global Listing’ in 2018.