A.Se.F. srl is Euroflora 2022 Official Partner


The Company generates a €500,000 yearly turnover from activities related to the cut-flower industry through special agreements with 5 businesses

Administrator Maurizio Barabino: “Flower decorations are a central element in memorial services”

Executive Franco Rossetti: “Ours is a strategic presence at an event that promotes Genoa on the global arena”


A.Se.F. Srl is Euroflora 2022 official partner. With a more-than-€500,000 yearly turnover from activities related to the cut-flower industry, A.Se.F. – Genoa Municipality’s associated company specialising in mortuary and funeral transport services – is a major player in one of the sectors that most contribute to the plant and flower industry and retail sale in Genoa. The Company’s management has decided, through an ad-hoc sponsorship, to become one of the official supporters of the international flower show that will be held in Nervi from 23 April to 8 May and that, in its 2018 edition, attracted 285 thousand visitors from Italy and abroad.  

A.Se.F. will be present in one of the most exclusive exhibition areas, near the installation devoted to “giant Bonsais” part of the collection by “Romiti e Giusti” from Pistoia, which will be on display in the Villa Gropallo park. “The most important and spectacular design element of this edition of Euroflora –  explain the organisers of the show – will be the water features, created by installing a series of water fountains. The most impressive group of fountains will be the one in Park Gropallo, the first that visitors will find coming from the main entry to the Show and that runs along the bonsai display”.  

After winning a call for tenders for a three-year contract, five businesses specialising in flower supplies are now working with A.Se.F. on a regular basis, ensuring that the over-three-thousand Genoese families served every year by Genoa Municipallity’s associated company receive the very best flower compositions on the market. Other businesses selected by the citizens themselves as their suppliers of choice are also involved. “Flower decorations are one of the most significant details in memorial services– comments A.Se.F Srl’s Sole Administrator Maurizio Barabino – Funeral services are deeply rooted in our traditions and in the history of our civilization. The great care for details and the high quality of the services we offer are among the main strengths of A.Se.F., which has been operating since 2001, taking the baton from Genoa Municipality’s Atf, the company in charge of funeral transportation services”.  

A.Se.F’s administrative and management executive Franco Rossetti highlights that “Euroflora is one of the shows that our municipality has strongly advocated for, and is a true showcase for Genoa and its beauties and outstanding products at a global level – he says – We believe that taking part in such an important event is a strategic choice. We also deem appropriate to contribute to promoting our city by supporting a widely appreciated and truly spectacular event”.