Banca Passadore & C. is an independent private bank serving individual and corporate customers since 1888. The Bank’s independence and operational autonomy provide absolute freedom of choice across the whole range of services offered, ensuring the best opportunities in the interests of its clients. The structure’s flexibility and vibrancy give it the competitive advantage of being able to provide customers with tailor-made banking and financial solutions. The Bank’s unique operating model is based on specific strengths such as the quality of its services, in-depth knowledge of the markets, swift decision-making, streamlined operations, confidentiality, and discretion, as well as a professionally qualified staff in perfect tune with the Bank’s image.  

Established in Genoa in 1888 by Luigi Passadore, the Bank immediately became part of the city’s business community, supporting the flourishing maritime and port operations of the time. In the decades that followed, the Bank, confirming its dynamic and efficient nature, gradually changed its profile in keeping with market developments, while maintaining its prerogatives of independence and autonomy. After World War II, Banca Passadore further consolidated its development by forming an alliance with two leading finance and insurance groups.  Subsequently, in the early 1980s, the Passadore family repurchased the above-mentioned shares, reallocating them to private shareholders, entrepreneurs and professionals operating in the Bank’s areas of business; at present, in addition to the 

Genoa Branch Passadore family, the Bank’s shareholders can be traced back to around 200 family or business groups. 

The Bank, unique in Italy in terms of size, has historically relied on its own IT system, developed and managed entirely in-house. This strategic choice allows the Bank to benefit from the most advanced and suitable technological solutions in relation to its specific requirements, to the full advantage of process efficiency and competitiveness.