FLORENA Fermented Skincare sponsor of Euroflora 2022

Genoa, Parks and Museums of Nervi 23 April – 08 May

The decision to be a sponsor of Euroflora, the most spectacular flower show in Europe, stemmed from the recognition of the common values this event shares with our brand: our trust in nature and its extraordinary strength, the promotion of natural beauty in all its forms, and the protection of our planet and of biodiversity, to ensure a positive, sustainable future. 

To highlight and showcase its values and its strong bond with nature, FLORENA Fermented Skincare will be present at the show with an orangery that harmoniously combines the brand’s two souls – nature and science. There, visitors will be able to try and purchase skincare products assisted by a beauty specialist. 

FLORENA Fermented Skincare is a natural cosmetics brand established in Italy in 2019 looking to offer consumers natural, certified, innovative, effective, and sustainable face skincare products. 

The name FLORENA comes from the Latin word Floreo, which means ‘to bloom’ – flowers being the main ingredient -, while the words FERMENTED SKINCARE refer to natural fermentation – the core process, the booster of all active ingredients, the distinctive feature and the ‘secret’ of all our products, capable of combining EFFECTIVENESS and NATURAL formulations, more than ever before. 

Flowers and fermented oils lie at the heart of FLORENA Fermented Skincare‘s world, where the effectiveness of face skincare products goes hand in hand with their natural composition and sustainability. 

From the selection of the raw materials, to the development of formulations, all the way to the creation of finished products, every step is based on the principles of green chemistry, so as to obtain eco-friendly products.  

All our products are vegan, contain a minimum of 99.3% natural ingredients, and apply the strictest COSMOS Natural standards. All fragrances are natural and certified, too.   

Moreover, the packaging of our face creams has been designed to contribute to reducing environmental impact: the jars are in 100% recycled plastic and, even more importantly, they weigh approximately 6 times less than the average, as little as 7 grams, the content being the same (50 ml). Outer carton boxes are in minimum 75% recycled paper.