Debandi Franca

Franca Debandi



Diplom in Agricultural Sciences at the University of Bologna in 1986.
Diplom of Specialization in Phytopatology at the same University in 1988.
European Course for Agricultural Spreader in Integrated Pest Management of the Region Emilia Romagna in 1989.
Works for agricultural Companies and Cooperatives as Agricultural Spreader for Integrated Pest Management in the Region Emilia Romagna.
Scholar of the City of Genova to investigate the Flora of the Urban Park of Peralto in 1990.
Technician of the Garden and Forest Service of the City of Genoa from 1991 until 2002 when this competency is transferred to the Company ASTER-Genova. From 2002 to 2020 she works for this Company for the Green Maintenance Department as well as for the Planning and Cartography Department. She collaborates in several riqualification projects of historical parks and in the update of the census of the city trees.