Minuto Luigi

Luigi Minuto

Associate Professor in Botany


Associate Professor at the Department of Earth Environmental and Life Sciences (DISTAV), School of Sciences, University of Genoa, where he holds courses in Botany, Applied Botany, Marine Botany for Environmental Monitoring for Biology, Marine Biology and Natural Science degree course. His scientific activity concerns Taxonomy, Biogeography and reproductive biology studies on endemic and threatened plant species from the Mediterranean and Alps.
At present, he is Vice-Director Hanbury Botanical Gardens – CENVIS, University of Genoa, Italy.

His research activity includes:
A – Biogeography: Phylogeography and population genetics of many plant species endemic and subendemic to the western Alps.
B – Taxonomy: investigations based on molecular analyses and morphology of some taxonomical groups and some specie endemic to Western Alps.
C – Reproductive biology: pollination and dispersal mechanisms in some plant species in order to understand the fitness and efforts in maintaining the species.
D – Ecological niche analysis: definition and broadcast of habitat suitability of some species by using their distribution points and performing new statistical software and bioclimatic databases.
E – Biodiversity conservation: study and conservation of plant diversity in Southern Europe by the application of biotechnological and laboratory techniques. Demographic studies on threatened species.
His scientific production is made by: 41 scientific papers in referred journals with IF; 58 scientific papers in referred journals without IF; 24 abstract in scientific papers; 17 contributions in volume; 4 monographies; 21 contributions in Proceedings of Congresses; 80 in Proceedings of Congresses; 2 Curatela; 1 Exibition.