Noom Jan-Willem

Jan-Willem Noom

Lecturer in Landscape design and Educational sciences


Jan-Willem Noom (1985) was originally educated in Garden & Landscape Management. Afterwards he studied Education and Knowledge Management with a specialisation in Landscape design. He has gained both practical and planning experiences in the Netherlands and internationally. His work experience includes the professions as a gardener, designer, vocational teacher and editor for a national consumer magazine about gardens. Currently he is lecturer in Landscape and Garden design and Professional didactics at Aeres University of Applied Sciences in Wageningen, the city of life sciences in The Netherlands. For the past few years he has served on the board of the national association of garden and park designers. His passion is to connect people and find ways to renew educational approaches to inspire people with nature, ecological principles and design. As chairman of the ENTER-network (European Network of Learning and Teaching in Agriculture and Rural Development) he collaborates with European teacher training institutions to bring the themes of learning and land based education together.