Bobbe Alessandra

Alessandra Bobbe



Professional work experiences
Officer of the public green office as project Manager and Operational Manager of the work.
Related to this role I took part to many project:
Submitting opinions in ponderous approval of PUO / Project Financing / Services Conferences.
Editing historical and scenery relations to obtain the autorization at the vegetational restaure and realization of public works inside parks and green areas protected fro d.lgs 42/2004.
2011 Member in the project Group for Comune di Genova Exhibition.
2015 Coordinator of the permanent meeting of the green areas of the Comune di Genova.
2016 Member of the Italian Association for Directors and Technicians of public gardens.
2019 Coordinator in the Meeting for the redaction of the Rules for the Design Competition : “Restaure and Enhancement of the Nervi Park”
2020 Support activity to the RUP for the realization of the prject “Restaure of Nervi park 2020-2025”
2018 Juror for EUROFLORA 2018, catgory “Aesthetics Competitions”
From 1999 to 2010 Consultant for Regione Liguria in the territorial project Department
1996 Degree in Architecture, Urban Paths.