Buosi Osvaldo

Osvaldo Buosi

Retired teacher


I was born in 1947.
After I have graduated in Foreing Languages from the Venice University ” Ca’ Foscari” I have worked for 40 years as teacher of French language in a Touristic High School in Treviso, where I am living .
As an amateur I have always been interested in nature and in plants, in particular hardy and inusual plants of the temperate climate.
During my life I have collected many samples of rare plants during my journeys in China, Japan, Vietnam and some selected European countries.
In particular in my garden I am growing 23 Ginkgo cultivars, 98 Hedera cvs., 15 Vireya Rhododendron cvs., 84 Fern cvs., 270 Camellia cvs. and so on.
In total, nearly 2000 taxa.
I also am passionate in breeding my Camellias : in fifty years I have selected about one hundred seedlings, some of them I have published in the Notiziario of the Italian Camellia Society (Petit Prince, Bright Kujaku, Rosso Treviso, Abate Lorenzo Berlese, Pelle d’angelo …)
At present I am a member of the Italian Camellia Society and the regional officer of Veneto ;
I am a life member of the International Camellia Society ;
I am a life member of the Royal Horticultural Society ;
I am a member of the french Conservatoire des Collections Végétales Spécialisées ;
I am a member of the Swiss Dendrologic Society.