Spagnolli Paola

Paola Spagnolli



I work as an Agronomist and Landscape Architect with focus on ornamental plants: consultancy, projects and green management.
Collaboration and consultancy in many Italian Cities about planning, realizing and care of urban green spaces; with the City of Genoa I worked full time from 1996 to 2007.
Specialized in perennial herbs, ground covers and rose varieties for urban spaces, arboriculture and care of large trees, green roofs, engineering in parks and gardens, restoration of degraded urban green spaces, city liveability.
I have organized and/or participated to various conferences and exhibitions on horticultural and green issues. Experiences in juries: Euroflora 1996-2001-2006-2011-2018; Bolzano Flower Show; Biennial Pescia Flower Show; Rome Award for New Rose Varieties; Genoa Award for Reblooming Rose Varieties (Permanent Jury); Monza Award for New Rose Varieties; minor Flower Shows.