Tamburini Giuseppe

Giuseppe Tamburini

Dental technician


Passionate about gardening, in 1993 I met camellias for the first time, and it was love at first sight. Later I became aware of associations and exhibitions dedicated to them and, deepening the information related to their origin, history and spread in the world, I began to visit specialized nurseries, trying to know everything about their cultivation needs. Since then my collection of camellias began. This passion of mine subsequently led me to the desire to create new cultivars and so I started with hybridization, in order to obtain camellias with different characteristics. Botanical experiences: 2012: ICS Congress Chuxiong (China) 2013: Pallanza Workshop (Italy) 2014: ICS Congress Pontevedra (Galicia-Spain) 2015: Azores Workshop (Portugal) 2016: ICS Congress Dali (China) 2017: Conference Baton Rouge (USA) 2018: ICS Congress Nantes (France) 2019: ICS Committee (Conghua)