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Euroflora is an international plant and flower exhibition recognized by AIPH, International Association of Horticultural Producers. The exhibition thrives on the participation of exhibitors from Italy and abroad, belonging to some prevalent categories: horticulturalists, with individual or collective participations usually coordinated by the Regions and Chambers of Commerce, floral designers, parks, botanical gardens, Municipalities and Foreign Countries that promote the specificities of the territory and their own productions through the creation of real gardens.

The first edition dates back to 1966, set up in the Genoa exhibition centre where it took place every five years until 2011. In 2018 and 2022 it took place inside the Parks and Museums of Nervi, a landscape complex overlooking the cliff formed from the union of three historical parks subject to landscape and architectural constraints that have preserved their beauty and integrity while being open to the public every day. The 2025 edition, the thirteenth, is a return to the future. The event returns to the areas of the former trade fair district, transformed by a major urban regeneration project designed by architect Renzo Piano.

The location in the Waterfront allows Euroflora to be reborn thanks to new spaces on the waterfront – including the new urban park of 30 thousand square meters and a floating pathway in the marinas – with a broadening of the event’s contents and references. Starting from the rarities and excellences of all horticultural productions, Euroflora fully embraces the themes of landscape architecture, species conservation, respect for the environment and environmental sustainability. A visit to Euroflora is emblematic of a lifestyle that looks to green tourism, to the presence in the territory of ​​parks, trekking routes, cycle paths in combination with local excellence in the artistic, cultural and food and wine fields.


Respect for nature and the environment, the enhancement of biodiversity, the protection of the landscape and sustainability are essential values ​​of which Euroflora acts as a spokesperson through the exhibition, hosting thematic events and workshops.

The man-nature relationship is for Euroflora a responsibility to be cultivated and refined edition after edition, driven by the desire to be in perfect synergy with the most precious heritage: our Planet.
With Euroflora’s new look, actions aimed at greater sustainability have been implemented, starting with transport. The exhibition area is easily accessible by public transport, with increased frequencies. The Genova Brignole train station is less than 800 meters away from the Euroflora’s entrance.

Exhibitors are asked to limit as much as possible the use of plastic or plastic-derived materials and maximum effort is dedicated to waste disposal and the use of disposable biodegradable tableware in the catering areas. The goal EUROFLORA is aiming for is ISO 20121 certification, a management standard for the sustainable organization of events.