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Euroflora came to be at the end of the 1960s from a moment of inspiration.

Carlo Pastorino, the then president of Fiera di Genoa, imagined an extraordinary event dedicated to flowers and plants. An event equal to the most famous floralies in the world like Gand, Nantes and Budapest. The project was entrusted to Giuseppino Roberto, who, thanks to the efforts of the Genoese and Ligurian flower growers, developed upon the president’s idea and gave life to the first edition of Euroflora: an authentic spectacle of nature.

The famous logo

The lettering and logo that have always identified Euroflora were designed in the initial phase, by the creative artist Emanuela Tenti. Two abstract corollas opposites and imperfect, anti-conventional and purposefully imperfect characters were extremely successful, winning international competitions, and were used by engravers and State Stationary institutes in the creation of medals and postage stamps.


Entering the pantheon of floriculture requires ambition and international recognition.

On 27 August 1965, from Brussels, Emile Debroise, president of the A.I.P.H., (International Association Horticultural Producers), authorised the event. Euroflora officially entered the shortlist of the most famous international floralies.

Now in its 13th edition, Euroflora is the international exhibition of plants and flowers, the only Italian event among the European floralies recognized by AIPH.


From 1966 to the present there have been over 6,300 competitions in Euroflora. Edition after edition, flower growers, plant nurseries, horticulturalists, fruit cultivators, florists, flower arrangers, Italian and foreign landscape architects have challenged each other displays of beauty, technical skill and creativity in what have now become, for all intents and purposes, the Green Olympics.


Euroflora 2022
A world of rare beauty

The 12th edition is an ode to rarity. Precious botanical species from all over the world meet at Euroflora to celebrate the beauty and importance of nature. Euroflora 2022 confirms, as a location, the extraordinary setting of the Parks and Historical Museums of Nervi, and it is here that the “Rose of Genoa,” symbol of the Ligurian capital, makes its international debut. With more than 240 thousand attendees, Euroflora returns to prominence as the most important European event for the promotion of Italian and foreign floricultural excellence.

Euroflora 2018
I Parchi di Nervi

The eleventh edition opened the curtain on a never before seen event. Euroflora was transferred to Parchi and Musei di Nervi, a unique and extraordinary setting that can only be reached through public transportation. A true challenge leading to a reflection on the importance of nature and the more authentic respect of the complexity of a historical park overlooking the sea.

Euroflora 2011
The tenth edition

This was the final edition in the pavilions of the Fiera di Genova. Padiglione S, with its iconic circular structure, was divided into four large segments and a central area, each one characterised by an environmental biotope: the desert, Mediterranean scrub, the lake, the tropical forest and guided nature (architecture in the landscape).

Euroflora 2006

A floricultural voyage along the country and many plants from far away lands like Australia and Madagascar. The 2006 edition, the year in which Euroflora became a member of the AIF – Association of International Floralies – was a concentration of events and initiatives.

Euroflora 2001
All the flowers of the world

Euroflora was an unparalleled spectacle. The images are witness to its magnificence: flowers and plants from all around the world, rare specimens never before seen were showcased together with magnificent artistic compositions. Imposing sculptures, waterfalls and works of art enhanced the event.

Euroflora 1996
The seventh edition

The president of the Republic, Oscar Luigi Scalfaro, visited Euroflora, along with other well-known people in politics and television. 750 competitions were organised, with 230 judges from 17 countries.

Euroflora 1991

Euroflora is a prestigious showcase calling in 760 national and international exhibitors. This edition also saw a visit by boat from the President of the Republic, Francesco Cossiga.

Euroflora 1986
Illustrious guests

The President of the Republic, Sandro Pertini, and the Italian designer and art collector Marella Caracciolo, wife to Gianni Agnelli, visited Euroflora. The fifth edition saw 730 thousand visitors.

Euroflora 1981
Over 600 competitions

Together with Gand and Nantes, Euroflora cements itself as one of the most awaited events at an international level. Participation in the prestigious flower and plant show increased and technical and aesthetic competitions grew from 393 in the first edition to 620 in 1981. Fashions and new consumer styles were decided at Euroflora.

Euroflora 1976
International prestige

Over 440 thousand visitors and 26 different countries took part in the third edition of Euroflora. The event, which like the previous ones, took place in the Fiera di Genova, attracted journalists and hobbyists from all around the world. Everybody came to Genoa to admire plant and flower compositions of rare beauty.

Euroflora 1971
Increased participation

Five years on from the first edition, there was an increase in exhibitors and visitors to Euroflora. Among the celebrities visiting was the Italian actress Rossella Falk.

Euroflora 1966
The first edition

With 250 thousand visitors and 263 exhibitors from 19 countries, the first edition of Euroflora was an extraordinary success. To enhance the event’s début was an exceptional couple: Grace Kelly and Prince Ranieri of Monaco.