Turcato Claudia

Claudia Turcato

Botanical consultant


Since 2009 she has been carrying out consultancy activities in the botanical field for public and private bodies and research in the field of forest ecology and the management and conservation of spontaneous flora. In particular, it deals with the creation of naturalistic maps and management of databases through the use of dedicated software, drafting and management of projects financed by the European Union in the environmental field, detection and monitoring of protected species and habitats (Directive 92/43 / CEE “Habitat”), design, construction and management of green areas with native plant species, application of the IBMR method, organization of scientific events and communication of scientific subjects. Qualified as an environmental and hiking guide for the province of Genoa. Since 2016 she has been a member of the Centro Studi Bionaturalistici s.r.l. (CeSBiN s.r.l.), a spin-off o